Absolute Faves || Waboda

My family loves these Waboda Bouncing balls. Their motto is, “Keep Life Fun” and these balls turn any place into a playground.  The Moonballs bounce crazy high but are still soft enough that if they bounce into something it’s usually ok, and the water balls are crazy fun as they bounce on water.

Absolute Fave


Absolute Faves || Nintendo NES Classic – Everything old is new again. Fun for kids and ADULTS too.

Going with a retro pick today!  Todays Absolute Fave is re-released, updated Nintendo NES Classic with Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, PAC-MAN, Dr. Mario, Mega Man, Final Fantasy, and dozens of more games already installed (that’s right, no cartridges like when I was a kid).

Super Mario

Why am I recommending a re-release of a game console that came out in 1985 when Oculus Rift and Vive are where it’s at Today?  Because it was so much fun then, and it’s still so much fun NOW.  And sometimes a little nostalgia is fun.  🙂

I tried to get one of these last year when they came out but they were sold out everywhere.  Lines for them in America.  Couldn’t find them overseas.  Hell, they are still sometimes hard to find even on Amazon and eBay where they still sell at a premium to the suggested retail price.

I finally got to use one over the summer in Amsterdam. A friend of ours that we were staying with, happened to have one and I got to play with my son and show him how to play Punch-Out (No Mike Tyson though, I guess the licensing agreement expired, still we (Little Mac) knocked down Glass-Joe and King Hippo, etc.)

After that, we attempted to save the princess.  Got pretty far in that one, then it was onto Donkey Kong, etc.  But I digress……If you can find these for the right price, they were an absolute fave growing up and are still awesome for a few hours of downtime today.

*The Nintendo NES Classic should retail for about 60 dollars.  Sometimes you have to look at Amazon or Ebay quite a bit to find one approaching that price.  It’s worth paying more than the MSRP to me but don’t pay double or triple the price, you can find it for less, just takes some time and effort. 

Absolute Faves || Boosted Board. Need this for my commute and weekend fun.

I grew up on a skateboard but that was 20+ years ago.  Why then would I circle back to a skateboard now?  Cause these are AWESOME, that’s why.  I live in Amsterdam at the moment and it’s 95% bikes but a few times during the day I get to see one of these go by.  Sometimes it’s a teenager but more often than not its a 30-40-year-old on her way to work.  I finally got to ride one of these Boosted Boards recently and I need one of these ASAP!

I first saw these in NYC a few years ago back and came away impressed with the first generation model’s, but didn’t get to ever actually step on one.  Had I, I think I’d already be commuting on the 2nd generation one that like anything with tech in it has of course been improved.  In this case, it goes faster, farther and has some other upgrades from the original.  Much more stable than traditional skateboards, softer wheels.  More powerful than you would think.

Bottom line: Worth checking out.  My favorite thing about them is that my bike’s been stolen several times in my life when I couldn’t bring it inside with me.  With this board, you can just put it under your desk or secure it easily.

You can learn more about boosted boards here: