Absolute Faves || Standing Desks

Standing Desks have been in the news for a number of years and I’m an advocate of them. Yes, I too have read the articles (for the record I don’t believe sitting all day is as bad as smoking but the research clearly show’s it is pretty bad!), but I’ve also logged a lot of 14-16 hour days at a computer screen working and if you haven’t had to spend 40, 50…hours a week in a chair at a desk, trust me it takes its toll on you. Seriously, you get eye strain, your neck hurts, your back hurts, your posture suffers, it’s cumulative and can be painful.

I switched to a standing desk while working about 4 years ago and though I thankfully haven’t had to spend as much time in front of a computer over the last year I can tell you, I will never use a seated desk for long periods of time again if I can help it. I am more productive standing, more engaged, and better focused on my work when I stand. My posture’s better, my neck doesn’t hurt anymore, and I just get more done. Beyond that, you burn more calories and it’s just better for your health.

Having said that I’m not against sitting at the desk altogether, and that’s why today’s standing desks are even better than in the past. Many of them will raise up and down so if you’re like me you can sit and stand while you work.

I tend to stand up at my desk when I’m typing a lot and multi-tasking. If I’m doing a lot of typing, watching a webinar, or just need a break from standing I’ll sit, even occasionally put my feet up.

A desk is pretty much a desk. A big flat surface, but there’s two I’ve used and can recommend.

The first is from Focal Upright. My advice is only to get one these if you can expense the thing because it’s expensive. It uses a hand crank to raise and lower it. This below was my workstation basically back in the hedge fund days. Is it overkill? YES. But I was spending 16 hours a day there basically.

The second I’ve used is the Uplift standing desk.  With it, on most models, you just press a button and it adjusts the height for you.  A lot of the standing desks will come with or without the desktop because once you start to pay several hundred dollars for the frame, it’s assumed you’ll want to customize wood used for the surface to match the rest of the room.

A third consideration might be Varidesk.

Worth getting one if you are stuck behind a desk for more hours than you’d like. Also, studies have shown that standing rather than sitting for 6 hours per day burns about 54 calories per day.  If you eat the same, that’s about 5 1/2 pounds you possibly lose.  Not bad!