Absolute Fave || 23 and Me

One of the coolest things I’ve ever done. 23 and Me. No blood needs to be drawn, you basically just spit in a cup and send it in, a few weeks later, you start getting the results. Beyond Fascinating.

I learned WAAAAAY more than I thought I would, and over a year later they continue to update the findings and reports as the data comes in.

“What can your DNA say about your health?

Learn more about your health, traits, and ancestry, with a package of 75+ reports that only the 23andMe service offers.”

Absolute Fave



Absolute Faves || Waboda

My family loves these Waboda Bouncing balls. Their motto is, “Keep Life Fun” and these balls turn any place into a playground.  The Moonballs bounce crazy high but are still soft enough that if they bounce into something it’s usually ok, and the water balls are crazy fun as they bounce on water.

Absolute Fave


Absolute Faves || Extra Long Cables

Simple lifehack here. Most phone’s come with a default 3 to 4-foot cable (the default apple cable is 1 m or about 3.5 feet) but I like to have at least one cable that is extra long. This goes for my apple devices and even my laptop USB-c charging.  The reason is obvious, you want your phone or laptop or whatever the device is to charge but you still want to be comfortable while using it.  Sometimes if you just have the default cable this is all by impossible.

My personal favorite for the iPhone is the Anker PowerLine 6 feet cable but I have a friend that prefers the 10-foot version of it.  They also make micro-USB versions of the cables as well.  I’ve mentioned on here before that my experience with Anker batteries has been good and that’s true with there cable’s as well.  (especially the double braided nylon)

Side Note: Anker’s recent foray into earbuds has been met with great reviews as well.  A friend of mine got some Zolo Liberty Wireless last month and raves about them.

Anyway, today’s Absolute Fave is Extra Long Cables.  More luxury than necessity but a good luxury to have.  🙂

Absolute Faves || Sugru Moldable Glue

Sugru Moldable Glue is Genius and It works.  I break a lot of stuff, and this has paid for itself over and over.  

Absolute Fave



“The world’s first moldable glue that sets strong by turning into silicone rubber”

Absolute Faves || Audible

This has paid for itself so many times over.  I’ve subscribed to the 2 books a month plan for 13 years now.  We’ll before Amazon bought them.  The added some new free channels as well lately if you’re a subscriber that includes original series, comedy, news, and more (Ted talks, meditation, authors, etc.)

Absolute Fave

Absolute Faves || Chillbo Baggins Inflatable Loungers

Chillbo Baggins. My family first saw these over in Bali last year.  Locals were selling them at the beach and they seemed like a big hit, but we went for lounge chairs and beach towels.  A few weeks later, we saw locals again selling them in Thailand and I rented a few for a few bucks for the afternoon.

Family loved them!  Extremely, easy to fill up, easy to deflate, no tools necessary.  It takes up almost no space and was better than the lounge chair or the beach towels. I don’t own any yet myself but will by years end.  Great to take to music festivals, camping, picnics, the beach, use the backyard, or just to inflate for the kids at home.

Absolute Fave.