Absolute Faves || White Noise Machines

I swear by these white noise machines below. I grew up with a fan in my room and while it helped keep me cool, it also helped me fall asleep by cutting the sounds of the crickets and frogs when I lived in the countryside.  Later in college rather than get a fan, I noticed a friend had one of these and asked him what is that?!?

That’s right, its basically a fan sound simulator.  Don’t laugh if your not familiar with it, it works for me BIGTIME.  I own two of the Dohm-DS All-Natural Sound Machine’s.  They have been making these since 1962 and probably still will be making them in 2262 if were still around on this pale blue dot.  🙂

One of mine sits by the door to our bedroom, it cuts the sound of the TV in the next room.  The other I’ve moved all around the house sometimes to cut sound when I’m just on the laptop and trying to work on a project.

The other one I’m linking to below was a big deal on Kickstarter.  It’s basically the digital upgrade to my trusty analog version above, complete with Bluetooth pairing and calibration via your phone.

Bloomberg profiled it a few days ago here:

If this white noise machine can’t get you a good night of shut-eye, nothing will.

 This 16-ounce white noise machine uses a real fan instead of prerecorded sound, and it comes in a knit-wrapped round shape that blends in with just about any environment at home or on the road. The Snooz uses an app that easily pairs over Bluetooth to adjust the fan speed, program automatic start and stop times, and calibrate for nurser

Worth getting if you struggle with sleep or focusing because of background noise.  Worked for me.

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