Welcome to Absolute Faves. Crowd-sourced gift ideas that hopefully positively impact your life.

This website highlights cool things my friends, family and I have found on the internet or yes, even in real life. :-p  “Absolute Faves” we like to call them.

Essentially a mixture of actual THINGS we use in real life that you might not know about, as well as the occasional article, video, lecture, or podcast that’s so good we share it with each other.

Things are sort of randomly added so apologies for that but I’ll try to tag and categorize things as I go.

It’s my hope that you find something useful here.  If you do or even if you don’t, I have a favor to ask. It’s also my hope that we can crowdsource some others absolute faves as well.  So if you have 2-3 minutes and have an ‘absolute fave’ you don’t mind sharing, there’s a place on the side of the home page that you can submit a link and a sentence or two about why it’s great.  🙂

Yes, I know that it’s “The Thought That Counts” and that “Experiences are Preferable to Things.”

Still, we all have a few favorite things that are so useful, meaningful or impactful that we have actually recommended them to close friends. Things that if we lost, we’d probably immediately replace.  Things that bring us joy, comfort or somehow positively impact our lives.

That’s the kind of items that I’m trying to feature here.  Not best-sellers but genuine crowd-sourced favorites.  Things that we love but that others might not know even exist. i.e. Absolute Faves.



p.s. If you have a big interest in reading and books. I also blog interesting things I have found on the internet at UnscriptedDopamine.com.  Maybe worth a look.  🙂